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Acomba X is the new generation of Acomba, the accounting software that has been supporting Canadian SMBs for over 25 years. Acomba X offers the same great benefits that made its predecessor successful, while adding a touch of user-friendliness, performance and new features.

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Cyber attacks generally don’t come from the outside. Your employees are the ones who, without realizing it, trigger the different cyber attacks within your network, putting your company’s survival at risk.

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Read this and discover top tips for choosing the right desktop display.

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What do nursery rhymes, memorable movie phrases and great song lines have in common? They make great passwords. And there is not a single number or special character in them. The requirement to make complex passwords using special characters and numbers is being re-thought.

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Festivals are well represented in Québec, and summer is the season when the majority of them are held. The needs are great and so are the expectations of the festival-goers. Organizations are also sensitive to technologies that are increasingly present in our daily lives to attract and accommodate visitors.

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La Grande Roue de Montréal: a brand new, gigantic observation wheel. Standing 60 metres high and offering a 360-degree view (equivalent to that of a 20-storey building) from tempered cabins, it is the tallest wheel in Canada, and sister of the Chicago Wheel. Built with a framework normally reserved for oil rigs in the North Sea, it can withstand tsunamis and the strongest of earthquakes.

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Many of our clients start out the same way, a small group of core people taking care of a lot of different things. Your best sales person is also helping with ordering, you're busy running finance, as well as the company, and your engineer also helps out with IT. Over time your business grew, you hired an accountant because you recognize the importance of keeping accurate financial information, and you now have a team of sales people and separate shipping receiving staff.

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In today’s world we see so many different threats against our safety and security. However, one of the biggest and growing is cyber threats. With the world running on technology, this is the one thing that can grind a company to a halt in seconds.

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Nowadays the biggest memory provider in Canada, GB Micro has developed its expertise in the import and distribution of memory and electronic products mostly to Canadian consumers, since its creation, in 1983.

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Most companies take measures to protect their IT data, and with good reason. However, the increasingly critical role of IT in business models tends to increase the vulnerability of enterprises to disasters.