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Millenium Micro: Who We Are

Millenium Micro Group is a national network of over 250 independent computer & IT resellers, solutions providers and campus computer stores. We are committed to helping increase the top line sales and bottom line profitability of our members, affiliated distributors and strategic vendors. Through the strength of our consolidated business and the depth of our relationships we strive to build the necessary tools, marketing programs and strategic alliances that bring value to each and every member of our group.

Our mission is to identify and develop business opportunities, negotiate goods and services supply agreements, create marketing and advertising support as well as internal management tools that will allow our members to maximize profitability.

Millenium Micro: Benefits

  • Back end rebates and/or special program with distribution partners.
  • Back end rebates with all vendors.
  • Group “buy-in” opportunities on a weekly basis.
  • Not need to alter your existing relationships with distributors. You continue to buy on your own accounts, with your current credit terms, authorizations, and certifications.
  • Increase your purchasing power with Canada’s largest purchasing group.
  • Access to aggressive prices from key suppliers and distributors with preferential terms and conditions.
  • Exclusive access to eStaff suite of management software which will help your business to become more efficient and cost effective.
  • Participate in our networking sessions where you can collaborate with other members, share ideas, or find common solutions to common problems.
  • Take advantage of our marketing tools made available throughout the year – high quality flyers, SMB magazines, and direct mail pieces which will help you to promote your business in your market.
  • Training and certifications courses and programs offered throughout the year.
  • Connect with your suppliers, manufacturers and peers at our annual national IT conference. The largest of its kind in Canada bringing over than 700 people together for 2 days from across Canada every autumn.
  • All of our members enjoy direct relationships with each one of our suppliers and have a single point of contact.
  • Special pricing arrangements with all of our business associations, including but not limited to partners such as - Desjardins, Canada Post, Purolator, Esso, etc.
Millenium Micro: Who We Are
Millenium Micro: Who We Are

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