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Posted by Lucas Oldfield, Advanced Office Solutions 11-10-2022 10:43 AM

The cybersecurity threats of phishing attacks, email impersonation, and ransomware are not new challenges faced by organizations in the Canadian marketplace.

Posted by Adrian Ghira, GAM Tech 11-10-2022 10:36 AM
According to Statistics Canada, there are over 44,000 tech companies in Canada... but not all of them handle business IT. Managed IT Services provide support for a company’s business IT and technical infrastructure.
Posted by TD Synnex by Ergotron 11-10-2022 10:32 AM   
Developing a movement mindset should be a top priority for organizations of every size and structure. Adding more frequent light-intensity physical activity during the workday— such as intermittent standing—is beneficially associated with physical and mental health, which can address pressing issues such as absenteeism, presenteeism, rising healthcare costs and even employee satisfaction. Movement doesn’t have to take individuals away from their workstations. Organizations can incorporate movement with sit-stand workstations to enhance productivity and to help employees thrive.
Posted by Marc Malette, DMIB 11-10-2022 10:26 AM
In the fall of 2020, the world of work as we knew it was turned upside down by a global pandemic. The effect of COVID-19 was to rush companies into teleworking, otherwise known as telework. Zoom meetings, pyjama days, the intrusion of the workplace into our family environment: the transition of work from the office to the home had left many shaken.
Posted by Stéphane Trépanier, Hector Solutions d’Affaires 11-10-2022 10:24 AM
As you already know, most companies use the Microsoft Office suite, which includes Word, Excel and Outlook. For the past few years, this suite of tools has been offered to us in the cloud and allows us to work collaboratively, no matter where we are or what device we are working on.
Posted by Lee-Anne A. Coleman, JEI TECH 11-10-2022 10:22 AM

Business owners have been hearing about the substantial increase in cybercrime in recent years with many attacks successfully breaching major infrastructure systems and gaining mainstream media exposure. While some cybercriminals prefer to target larger organizations, many of those organizations have responded by investing heavily into cybersecurity solutions to fortify their defenses to such a level that they become less appealing targets.

Posted by Claude Gagné, Present Group 11-10-2022 10:15 AM
With the increasing sophistication and scale of ransomware attacks, hiding your head in the sand and hoping not to be among the victims is, without doubt, a doomed strategy.
Posted by Lee-Anne A. Coleman, JEI TECH 21-03-2022 10:26 AM
AI (artificial intelligence) is starting to play a key role in cybersecurity defence systems for small to mid-sized businesses (SMBs). Most businesses are becoming aware of how prevalent phishing attempts, identity theft and ransomware attacks have become in recent years and one of the ways to help businesses put a stop to it, is by sharing the technology industry’s response to more sophisticated attacks.
Posted by Edward Smith, CSN Tech Centre Ltd 21-03-2022 10:22 AM

Microsoft 365 is a Cloud product line that a significant number of businesses worldwide leverage daily, such as email and voice communication, inter-company documents, sales, reporting, and many other types of company data.

Posted by Adrian Ghira, GAM Tech 21-03-2022 10:16 AM
Managed Print Services (MPS) are services offered by an outside provider that addresses all the parts of your business’s print-related functions, including printers, copiers, scanners and fax machines.