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Small Business Virtualization Is It For You?

Posted by Edward Smith 30-09-2015 1:53 pm

News Millenium Micro - Small Business Virtualization Is It For You?

If you’re reading this, chances are that you’re part of a small business (according to Industry Canada, 98.2% of businesses in Canada have less than 100 employees).  Your business also likely suffers from the same issues that plague many other small businesses: small budgets.  You might now be thinking: what has this have to with Virtualization?

Virtualization is all about doing more with less – a statement any small business is familiar with!  It effectively allows many types of software to run on one piece of hardware. This may not appear to be a big deal but consider that not long ago, when a company wanted to roll out some new software, technology, or process, entirely new ‘servers’ were purchased and installed.  Servers aren’t small or cheap.  Adding new ones meant planning for physical space, cooling, electricity, regular maintenance, and many other considerations.  It could be difficult for small businesses to afford any of the above, especially those with limited I.T. budgets and staffing.  

Consider this situation:  a small company needs to deploy a new sales program and a call to their local I.T. company lands two estimates in their lap.  The first estimate lists an expensive new server, upgrading the network, adding additional power and battery backups, major on-site installation requirements, and the list goes on.  The second is considerably smaller, simply stating the need to add the software to their existing equipment.  No additional power requirements, no replacements or upgrades to the network. Which one appeals to you?

Virtualization has matured to the point where anyone, even those with limited knowledge and budget, can at least try it for free.  Thanks to IBM, it’s been around since 1967 – it’s just relatively new to the small business community.  The scenario has been simplified for the purposes of this article and only covers one example but in fact virtualization has many real-world applications. 

Unfortunately not all businesses are properly informed of their options and not all I.T. companies use virtualization or are even familiar with it.  The goal of any professional I.T. provider is to make their clients aware of what technologies exists so they may make educated decisions about the future of their companies.  Virtualizing may not be for you or your company but if you haven’t had this conversation yet with your existing I.T provider we recommend that you contact your closest Affiliated Millenium Micro provider to see the potential savings and benefits of virtualization.

Edward Smith, President, CSN Tech Center, Fort Erie, ON