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VOIP Increases Efficiency!

Posted by Lyne Gaudreault 15-10-2015 9:00 am

News Millenium Micro - VOIP Increases  Efficiency!

Computer technology provides new options for telephony that we would have never expected to be so efficient just a few short years ago.

The customer’s situation is outlined below:

• Head office with 13 analog lines, one toll-free number and one fax machine.

• Second business location with 14 analog lines, one toll-free number and one fax machine.

• Four other businesses with separate names that do not have physical locations. These businesses forward their calls to the head office. This requires four additional lines that have the sole purpose of redirecting calls to the head office.


We recommended a cloud-based IP telephony solution. A few of the benefits of this type of VoIP solution are listed below.

1. It reduces the number of channels (VoIP lines) and joins the two physical locations. Each site has access to all of the channels. In the case at hand, we reduced the 27 analog lines to 15 VoIP channels. Available statistics included in the cost of our services enable us to confirm our initial assessment and add or remove channels as needed. It is easier to add a VoIP channel than an analog line. 

2. It operates under a monthly contract. In contrast with standard telephony providers, it is possible to have a 30-day cloud-based VoIP contract and to add or remove services based on needs. This can be very useful for seasonal businesses that, for example, need 20 channels in the summer, but only three in the winter. They would therefore not need to pay for 20 channels year-round.

3. For the case at hand, it is useful to be able to make station-to-station calls between the various business locations. Call management is easier and can be carried out entirely by the customer. The calling plan can be modified in only a few minutes.

4. The greatest benefit is THE PRICE. In addition to benefits such as fewer lines and joined locations, the unit price for each service is less than that of standard telephony—up to 50% less in some cases.

The customer now uses only 15 lines, removed a toll-free number, joined the two physical locations, can add or remove services based on needs and saves a great deal on the monthly payment. Also included are other benefits such as receiving voice mails by email, being able to record calls and being able to easily program call redirection based on needs. 

The customer is highly satisfied with the outcome. It receives more benefits, has updated its system in terms of technology and will receive a return on investment in less than 18 months.

Ultimately saved $1,338.00 per month or just over $16,000.00 per year!

Lyne Gaudreault , Affiliated Millenium Micro Member, Cliptel 2.0