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Green is Good!

Posted by Bony Singh, CNB Computers – Millenium Micro Partner 03-04-2018 2:15 pm

News Millenium Micro - Green is Good! Over the last several years a small company in Mississauga, Ontario has been experiencing exponential growth. CNB Computers Inc. was found in 2003 by Prabjeet Chhabra (Bony Singh). The company has its humble roots in a one man start-up that was filling a niche in the reseller market. CNB Computers and Millenium Micro partnered  together back in 2015 and the relationship has grown stronger every year.
Today CNB Computers is a multi-channel provider of refurbished computer desktops, laptops and tablets. Our products are shipped throughout North America, UK, Europe and EMEA. In 2017 CNB Computers Inc. was awarded the global partner award from Microsoft ratifying its position as the largest licensed MAR refurbisher in the world.

The company has locations in Victoriaville Quebec, Plainfield, New Jersey as well as its main 100,000 square foot facility in Mississauga, Ontario. CNB Computers has strived to fulfill its mandate. It provides a refurbished product at about a third of the cost of new that is “A” grade MAR licensed, and has a full warranty. We are providing a green product in that the product is recycled and instead of ending up in land fill we make it a re-usable efficient device.
As CNB Computers has grown we have expanded into different channels and markets. This year marks an exciting time as we expand our product offering to include Apple, Acer, LG and Samsung. This product line will only serve to strengthen the company’s overall ability to offer a broad band width of products.
Over the years we have been dealing with some of the largest companies in the world the need to improve our speed to market has been a developing requirement. We are proud to announce in 2018 that we have invested 2.5 million dollars in acquiring an automated packaging machine. Our Neopost CVP-500 builds, folds, fills and custom labels a fitted package within 7 seconds. It improves our overall efficiency by reducing the amount or cardboard we use and accurately weighing the product to promote exact shipping cost. It also improves the speed we can process orders in a time when delivery SLA’s are extremely important to consumers.
CNB Computers Inc. strives to improve the customer experience. For more information about the company please visit our website at
Bony Singh, CNB Computers – Millenium Micro Partner,