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Today's Tech Trends

Posted by Dominic Martine, Commtech 03-04-2018 2:21 pm

News Millenium Micro - Today's Tech Trends Entrepreneurs who wish to maintain a competitive advantage must be aware of the latest technological trends in the business world. Not just passing fads, some of these innovations have a real impact on operating costs and even create new business opportunities. Should we embrace them wholeheartedly or be wary? The following are a few examples.


Cloud computing allows companies to use storage solutions without owning them, via monthly or annual payments. The company can place all or part of its data in the cloud; it is then available from anywhere at any time, provided you have an Internet connection and password. The cloud also helps improve business productivity and efficiency through synchronized sharing of information and documents. This opens up opportunities for other modes of organization such as telecommuting or collaborative work, even from another country!


Why buy when you can rent? An emerging offer called “as a Service (aaS)” is becoming more and more popular with companies that wish to save on the often high costs of computer equipment or software. Companies can benefit from state-of-the-art IT tools that are billed just like a water heater rental. What’s more, you can pay for only as much as you use. A position in the company is closed? Just disconnect the service. The cost is quite advantageous because the supplier is responsible for maintenance and upgrades, and there are a wealth of services available.


The Internet of Things refers to a trend that sees increasing numbers of everyday and new objects connected to the Internet with an IP address. Appliances and printers are common examples. This connection also creates the possibility of new links to the customer, allowing companies to propose new services, and better respond to needs and requests with the help of a database. Connected objects can collect and store information on their environments or customer consumption habits. Are your products compatible with the Web?

Dominic Martine, Commtech,