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5 reasons to adopt Microsoft OneNote for your note-taking

Posted by Pierre-Paul Caron, Syneco 03-04-2018 3:04 pm

News Millenium Micro - 5 reasons to adopt Microsoft OneNote for your note-taking Microsoft OneNote is a digital notebook that first appeared as an application for the Office 2003 suite. As a product that accepts both typed and handwritten notes, OneNote quickly became a must-have for tablet PC users in the early 2000s.
Its ability to index all types of content (text, images, and handwriting) makes it a powerful tool that is easy to use.

Today, we all use multiple devices for our business and personal needs. Since OneNote works on Apple iOS, Google Android, MAC, and Windows devices, you can rely on this application to centralize all your notes.

Why should your employees and associates use OneNote?

  • Speed up note-taking during your daily operations;
  • Search all your notes extremely effectively;
  • Take handwritten notes with your tablet or your Windows touchscreen PC;
  • Use this amazing digital notebook, which goes everywhere with you, on all your devices;
  • Take all kinds of notes and share them to collaborate with your team.
  • Here are 5 reasons to adopt Microsoft OneNote for your notes!

Reason #1
A tool you can take anywhere!

Do you need to take notes when you’re on the move, with only your smartphone or tablet at hand? No problem!
Open a quick note in your OneNote widget for iPhone or Android device and use the keyboard to note handwriting, audio, or even photos.
Back home or at the office, find your notes synchronized with OneNote on your MAC or WINDOWS computer, edit them, and share them!

Reason #2
Mix handwritten notes, text, photos, audio, and files on a single page without a problem

As a flexible tool for your notes, nothing beats OneNote!

Reason #3
Take action quickly using this icon

Use the Quick Notes tool, located in the Windows notification bar, to quickly capture a portion of the screen (with the Win + Shift + S keys), take a Quick Note (Win + N) or simply start OneNote (Win + Shift + N keys). Right-clicking on this icon allows you to customize the desired actions.

Reason #4
Search and find your notes in a flash!

In OneNote, indexing content is fast and efficient. Do you have notes scattered over multiple pages of your OneNote notebook? No problem; search with one or more keywords and find your notes. OneNote even finds text in images!

Reason #5
Share your notes or work as a team in 3 clicks

Are you leaving a meeting and have notes to share with your team? Whether you’re on your computer, tablet or smartphone, open your notebook, choose Share, enter an email address, and click Share!
Create a Notebook for an given project. Work together, at the same time, and see what each participant writes. Each author is identified, and you have access to the version history of the Notebook pages at any time!
Microsoft OneNote comes in different flavours:
  • OneNote 2016 for Windows (most complete version);
  • OneNote 2016 for MAC;
  • OneNote application for Windows 8.1 and 10;
  • OneNote application for iPad and Android tablets;
  • OneNote application for iPhone and Android phones.
To learn how to use OneNote on one or more of the available platforms, contact your local Millenium Micro affiliated reseller!
Pierre-Paul Caron, Syneco,