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Are you looking for a new location? Think about I.T. first!

Posted by Darren Card, Contego Tech Solutions 03-04-2018 3:10 pm

News Millenium Micro - Are you looking for a new location? Think about I.T. first! Thinking about moving your office? Opening a new location? Over the years we have seen and heard stories of small business owners rushing to tell their IT department that they have just signed a lease on a new space. Then they find our there are thousands or hundreds of thousands in unexpected costs. Please remember to ask an IT Professional to review a prospect site with you before you commit. Be aware of all of the costs, complications and timelines required to move your technology.


  • Internet provider build costs;
  • Network cabling;
  • Adding or improving a server room, power circuits and AC;
  • Boardroom improvements, conduit to the table, speakers and microphones;
  • Telephone paging system.

Internet and Telephones

Is the connection you need available?;
Can you move your providers? Early termination costs?;
4-6 weeks to install services;
Consider getting services at your new site before you move in. Your IT team can test in case your provider fails to complete the circuit the first time;
Providers will run the circuits to the building riser not your suite, an electrician may be needed to finish the connection.


Network & Server Room

  • Does the new site have appropriate room and racks?;
  • Is there enough power with the right type of receptacles?;
  • Is there enough AC to cool the room on evenings and weekends?;
  • What arrangements can you make for critical services while you are moving?;
  • Consider moving to the Cloud or a Data Center?;
  • What’s your plan if something does not work when you plug it back in?

Labour Considerations

  • Assume double the IT labor requirement the month before and the month after;
  • Do you need extra technicians on move day?;
  • Moving through the evening or over a weekend?
  • That will cost extra and/or pizza.


Other Thoughts

  • Use a 3rd party for asset inventory. If anything is damaged or lost during the move you have verification for insurance;
  • Where are your large Printers going?;
  • Placement of wireless access points and surveillance cameras;
  • Is this an opportunity to improve your overall IT Infrastructure? What would you change?;
  • If you have worn out, crumb and coffee filled keyboards; a cheap way to help employees feel appreciated through the move process by getting them new ones.
By involving your IT Professional early in your move plans, they can minimize employee interruption and reduced overall costs while improving IT infrastructure.
I hope your move is successful and the only surprise is how nice it is in your new location.
Contact your local Millenium Micro Affiliate for more information on their relocation services.
Darren Card, Contego Tech Solutions,