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How digital signage will improve your company's internal communications?

Posted by RICHARD FORTIN, ITESMEDIA 02-10-2018 11:03 am

News Millenium Micro - How digital signage will improve your company's internal communications?

Digital signage is probably the most productive tool companies have to communicate effectively with their employees. Digital screens, placed in strategic places, relay almost instantly news of the company, safety messages, and dashboards of analysis of the company’s performance in real time. This is why digital signage and interactive displays are essential for business communication and HR specialists.

What is digital signage?

Digital signage is now a well-established visual communication tool that uses software to prepare, organize, distribute and manage content on local and wide area networks. This content appears on all types of screens - from flat screens to interactive touch screens to LED video walls. Efficient, fast and productive, digital signage content can even be transmitted from the same set of management tools to desktop computers, as screen savers, and to mobile devices.
Unlike traditional paper posters that take days or weeks to plan, print, and install, digital content can be updated in seconds. In addition, the digital version is four times more likely to be noticed. With the right tools, good planning and access to data, updates can even be done automatically and without manual intervention. Thus, when the numbers or information changes in a management system, these changes are displayed dynamically on the assigned screens.

Use digital signage for internal communications

Often, employee emails are not read, and in manufacturing and production environments, most employees do not have computers or e-mail addresses at their workplace. Since paper posters are not noticed, digital screens become an effective tool for delivering important messages.
Communication Professionals use digital signage to:
  • Broadcast important company announcements, from benefit plans to safety training;
  • Celebrate the achievements of the company and employees;
  • Launch and explain new programs and services;
  • View real-time performance analysis, from sales targets to production numbers, based on company data;
  • Establish and strengthen the organizational culture.

How does ArcelorMittal use digital signage?

Global steelmaking giant ArcelorMittal is using digital signage to communicate effectively and directly with workers at its nine factories opened 24/7. Digital screens located in rest areas meet the company's goals of reducing work-related accidents and increasing overall employee engagement by displaying security messages, real-time production, and performance indicators.
Many tools have been used to communicate with workers, but nothing is as effective and ubiquitous as digital signage.