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Leverage the strength of a National Network

Posted by MOURAD SMAALI, Millenium Micro Group 02-10-2018 11:41 am

News Millenium Micro - Leverage the strength of a National Network

Did you know that your Millenium Micro Group (MMG) affiliate reseller can serve you in any of your locations in Canada through our network of service centers? Did you know that this network of experts can complement the team of your local dealer for a particular project?

Over the last year, MMG has established a network of 100 certified service centers across its network. Your MMG affiliate reseller has access to this network of technicians to make service calls across Canada. Whether you need to replace a part in a printer or help with opening a new office with all that entails, your MMG affiliate has the capacity to take care of it and overseeing it. This ensures that the work will be done according to your standards. Since you do not have to create a new vendor in your accounting system, this added service from your reseller helps you simplify and lower your administrative costs.
This network of experts also allows your affiliate reseller to offer you services or solutions specific to your business, even if it does not have the expertise directly related to the organization. Do not worry, all of our affiliate resellers are computer experts. As IT evolves, it's impossible for a reseller, regardless of size, to have experts in every field. That's why our network is likely to have the expert you need. The advantage for your company is that your IT provider will still be involved in the dossier and will make sure that the solution or advice provided will be compatible with your installed base.
If you have a new project or are not satisfied with your current provider for any of your solutions, contact your Millenium Micro affiliate reseller and they will certainly be able to help you. Millenium Micro resellers support thousands of Canadian companies, so there will definitely be one that already has a solution to your problem. Put us to the test, you won’t be disappointed!
IT is in all spheres of activity of a company and it evolves very quickly. It is therefore important to have a global overview of the use of information technologies within your company. Your Millenium Micro affiliate reseller can offer you this global vision for all your locations in Canada!
MOURAD SMAALI, Millenium Micro Group,