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Be technologically ready – against all odds!

Posted by Pascale Brassard, Commtech 20-03-2019 3:13 pm

News Millenium Micro - Be technologically ready – against all odds!

Whether it’s a natural disaster, a computer virus, physical damage, or human error, a fortuitous event could eventually disrupt your business operations.

Is your business ready to face emergencies or mishaps and limit financial loss?

Let’s focus on the technological aspect of business continuity.

Here are 6 questions and suggestions to help you take charge of the situation.

1. Do you have a secondary internet link? Your primary internet link could get cut off by an outage on your supplier’s end or human error. In case this happens, it’s important to install a router with an automatic changeover to a cellular link.

2. Is your tech equipment (routers, switches, servers, computers, etc.) protected from power outages or surges? We strongly recommend buying a UPS (uninterruptable power supply) system. Combine it with a generator and you’ll be better protected against lost productivity caused by electric failures.

3. Do you have a spare changeover switch, access point, computer, laptop, tablet, smartphone, keyboard, or mouse? We’ve all had that moment when our device suddenly stopped working. It’s a DISASTER!! Keep some old, functional equipment on hand to alleviate any emergency.

4. What happens to your activities if your server is out of service (due to damage, fire, or a natural disaster)?  There are solutions to replicate your server locally and/or in a cloud, keeping your technology safe from disaster. 

5. Are your software and physical environments up-to-date? Updates often provide bug fixes and new functionalities. But their principal purpose is to correct security breaches. Did you know there are services that automate updates and monitor the physical state of components?

6. What about your firewall configuration? Is your antivirus efficient? Are you monitoring and analysing the activities of your router, changeover switch, and wireless access point?

Communicate with our team and we’ll help you establish your business continuity plan. You’ll be ready to succeed against all odds! 

Pascale Brassard, Commtech,