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Digital tech: You can’t escape it!

Posted by Daniel Couture, NG Informatique 20-03-2019 3:20 pm

News Millenium Micro - Digital tech: You can’t escape it!

Digital technology has profoundly transformed the way we shop, work, and communicate. Increasingly sophisticated collaborative platforms continue to emerge, integrating different business functions. These multiply the ways professionals can connect, collaborate on projects, and organize new business logistics. A true social and industrial revolution, digital tech disrupts traditional practices, pushing companies to alter their management methods. So how do you embrace digital tools and integrate them into business operations?

Build a Digital Strategy

Digital processing is about managing one of your company’s key values: its data stream. This information is gathered from client-business exchanges and documents specific to each stakeholder. These include client contact details and request forms, as well as your business’ publication of promotional offers, job listings, sensitive information, and bills of materials for products and services. All communications inherent to a business’ operations should be processed and optimized to reap their full benefit. The foundation of a digital strategy is how you manage this precious stream to maximize your return on investment.

Tools such as your website, a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system, and an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERM) system, allow your business to colligate data securely and cultivate client relations. They also help you to communicate information, organize resources, and promote the brand. These tools are integral to a winning digital strategy.

Quantifiable Results

From an organizational perspective, a digital strategy that facilitates data flow management and reaches target markets is not only practical, it’s also essential to business growth. A sound digital strategy leads to:

  • increased revenues (by providing quick access to products and services)
  • reduced distribution expenses
  • stimulated business development by…
    • targeting potential markets
    • building customer loyalty through personalised communications that foster engagement and feedback.

These advantages allow you to grow the visibility of your business.

Customized support: your key to success

Setting up a functional digital strategy requires a strong understanding of business challenges and in-depth knowledge of the available tools. IT (information technologies) specialists will work closely with you. They will help you choose a solution catered to your needs and implement applications that communicate efficiently with one another to reach target objectives. Whether you want to integrate new powerful software to products already in place or to migrate to a new system, the solution is simple. A digital shift supervised by a seasoned analyst is a sound investment in growth for the short, medium, and long term.

Daniel Couture, NG Informatique,