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Phishing: Fact or fiction?

Posted by Pierre-Olivier Lessard, Operations Coordinator, ISM Group 20-03-2019 3:32 pm

News Millenium Micro - Phishing: Fact or fiction?

Three years ago, we would tell our clients that they needed an antivirus. That some were better than others. That’s about it. Three years ago, we would tell our clients an anti-spam system would take care of most of their concerns. Three years ago, we were worry free… Hackers took advantage of our sluggish state to make their comeback. And they succeeded. More than 95% of breaches are related to phishing. Were you ready for this? Not us.

IT companies had to adapt quickly. Most weren’t able to keep up with the hectic pace of these attacks. In 2018, we received more than two attacks each month. How can your organization respond suitably to these events? It all comes down to preparation, tools, and training.

A number of organizations have recovery plans in case of a disaster, but what about viral attacks? You should prepare a contingency plan for virus attacks. It’s even more important than a recovery plan because viruses are more frequent than power failures and natural disasters. Your IT supplier should have the capacity to assist you in developing this plan and demonstrate it has the team and expertise to respond to a crisis.

Rethink your tools. Get them tested. Your antivirus may not be the best option to fight every type of virus. Test it and don’t be scared to change it. Viruses are constantly evolving, and your organization needs to do the same.

Three years ago, protecting your infrastructure was the priority. Organizations paid small fortunes on firewalls and other tools. Then hackers started to target employees. I’ll say it again, 95% of breaches are related to employees who click or download malicious content. That’s why training users in cybersecurity is so crucial. We’ve provided training on this topic for over a year and continue to see major improvements beyond our stay. There are even continuing education platforms on cybersecurity. Don’t skimp on training when it could make all the difference.

Taking the time to reflect on and invest in cybersecurity could literally save your organization. We’re past the “keep it in mind” stage. Be proactive.

Pierre-Olivier Lessard, Operations Coordinator, ISM Group,