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Is your Web Site Responsive?

Posted by Karl Verreault 15-10-2015 9:00 am

News Millenium Micro - Is your Web Site  Responsive?

Is your web site responsive? In order for your web site to be responsive it needs to offer an easy viewing and interaction experience from any device, such as a mobile phone or an electronic tablet as well as a computer. What responsive web design is all about is enabling your web site, its structure and content to modify itself according to the size of screen you are viewing it with to allow for an optimal viewing without losing any content.

Over the recent years the development of mobile devices has grown exponentially to the point where, today in North America, almost half of researches on the internet are done on mobile devices. Unfortunately, advances in technology have also made us more intransigent and sometimes even lazy when we use our devices. As an example, have you ever closed your web browser simply because the loading time of a site was too long? You are not alone.

The responsive technology allows users to quickly manipulate and read the contents of your site without the need for horizontal scrolling or zoom in / out to improve reading. The site must offer the same visual comfort on each platform without making consulting the site a perilous adventure.

Why is it important to upgrade a website to make it responsive? 

Would you buy a tube TV today? Surely not! However, CRT television still offers a color screen and probably good value for your money, but you now have a lot of products available which are much more advanced technologically at very competitive prices. The same phenomenon occurs when reading a website. You will be attracted to the look and feel of the responsive site, especially because of its intuitive use. The ergonomics of a responsive website now allows for maximum visual comfort and efficiency of movement on the site.

Here is an interesting and important piece of information to take into account. Since April 2015, Google now favors slightly (it is important to weigh the words here) referencing responsive and mobile websites on searches from mobile devices. This is definitely an important aspect to factor in for the near future if your site is still not responsive.

In summary, if you decide to make the leap and change or modify your site to make it responsive, know that design costs have not increased over the last few years but have rather decreased. Also, remember that your website is a showcase of your business and represents you at all times. If the information on your site is difficult to access the user can quickly find another site to find the information he seeks.

Karl Verreault, Millenium Micro Group