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TIER III compliant or certified?

Posted by Yvan Lefebvre et Simon-David William 06-04-2016 10:52 am

News Millenium Micro - TIER III  compliant or certified?

The data centre market is constantly the focus of advertisements these days. Its service offering continues to expand, but how do you find your way around it?

Opting for certified quality

Be careful if you’re told that the data centre you use is TIER III “compliant. ” This is what you need to ask your host about, TIER III characteristics.

TIER I to IVs are granted by the Uptime Institute, which brings together all of the players in the data centre market. The TIER III is the most common and is nicknamed “maintenance without cuts” because the design allows for electromechanical maintenance without interruption and therefore provides fault risk reduction for customers.

A TIER III centre provides 2 electric arteries (2N), via the emergency batteries, that are completely independent, without common components between the electrical outlets and the 2 generators. Each artery can operate alone to power the entire room.

Generators must be oversized so as to never exceed 80% of the maximum load.

The air must be able to cool heat released by the total server load of the room, be controlled by air return, and must maintain relative humidity between 35% and 50%. In addition, there must be one more unit than necessary, in other words, an N + 1 configuration.

In theory, this design allows for the reduction almost to zero of planned outages or interruptions. The Uptime Institute indicates that, in fact, a TIER III generally has an availability level of 99.98%, representing an annual maximum of 1.6 hours of interruptions. 

But how do you ensure that the data centre you visit is indeed a TIER III configuration? Read electrical plans? Rely on the word of the representative?

Just ask for its Uptime certificate. Actually, you can find all certified data centres listed on the site.

Yvan Lefebvre et Simon-David William, Kolotek et ISM