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The Mystery of Managed Services

Posted by Taylor Hayward 06-04-2016 10:56 am

News Millenium Micro - The Mystery of Managed Services

Managed Services is a well known term to those within the industry, yet is virtually unknown to those outside of it. Even to those that know the term, it is not always understood or appreciated. With the IT industry becoming more complicated every day, I can understand why one might choose to remain only slightly knowledgeable about IT and how it plays such an important role in todays SMB world. Today’s SMB owner need not be experts in the IT industry nor do they have the time. That is the singular purpose of the Managed Service Provider.


For a long time “out-sourcing” meant giving jobs to other countries rather than employing locally, in the name of cutting costs. A Managed Service Provider is a way for you to “out-source” your business IT needs while still being able to employ local people, supporting your local community. Hiring a Managed Service Provider is typically more cost effective than hiring a capable and experienced individual and you are hiring a team of people rather than an individual. I know I would rather have a team of people working on resolving a problem that was holding back my business.

Using Managed Services offers SMB’s a lot more than just having a team of people, opposed to one person working for them.

• Does your business need anti-virus?

• Does your business need a spam-filter?

• Does your business need support 24x7x365?

• Does your business need a disaster recovery plan?

Are you still using external hard drives or cartridges and expecting your business to continue operations as normal while it takes 3 days to get the server(s) back up and running from a disaster? Disaster recovery technology has improved so much that you can have your company back up and running within an hour or two (frequently even less), if you have a disaster recovery plan in place with a Managed Service Provider. All of the above and more is offered to you through Managed Services.

Another benefit of using Managed Services is that they are very flexible. If you don’t need the complete menu of service offerings, you can customize your plan with the Managed Service offerings that fit your business needs. You get the services you need, with a low capital outlay, predictable monthly costs, while future proofing your services. Get the value that you need from your IT budget by contacting a local Managed Service Provider today. Better yet, contact several and find the Managed Service Provider that not only has the skillset but the personality that best aligns with your business. You’ll want to keep a good Managed Service Provider around for a long time.

Taylor Hayward, Plexis Limited