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The strength of the group at the service of major events

Posted by Louis Houbart 10-10-2017 11:37 am

News Millenium Micro - The strength of the group at the service of major events

Festivals are well represented in Québec, and summer is the season when the majority of them are held. The needs are great and so are the expectations of the festival-goers. Organizations are also sensitive to technologies that are increasingly present in our daily lives to attract and accommodate visitors.

Loto-Québec, partner of numerous festivals, is developing ways to interact with festival-goers. As an experimentation, Loto-Québec requested the expertise of the Millenium Micro Group’s partnership with Événements-TI and One-Sky, in order to ensure the connectivity of festival-goers during the Festivent de Lévis held this past August. Événements-TI was the project architect, while One-Sky provided technical assistance and the nearest Millenium Micro affiliate reseller provided the on-site technicians to support the project. Collaboration amongst Affiliates is just one of our many strengths!

Through the delivery of this solution for the August festival many refinements were made to the Loto-Quebec experience and Wi-Fi services. These changes will effectively allow us to delivery a better experience for all future festivals. It was the deployment of leading edge technology through certified technicians that helped to support peak festival periods.

The network was made available to thousands of festival-goers adding to the enjoyment of the many who were not accustomed to having access to this type of service during such an event. When examining traffic statistics, it would seem that some people even watched streaming video while waiting for the show to begin. During Loto-Quebec activities, we experienced connectivity peaks of up to 800 participants in a few seconds, which allowed us to validate the reliability of the network, to everyone’s satisfaction.

The wireless network was essential to the success of this type of experience. One of the first solutions of this type in the world that combining events with a collective interactive experience via a network created from scratch and to resist external weather conditions. A secondary fallout was that the organizers had a much more robust ticketing network infrastructure.

Événements-TI specializes in Wi-Fi connectivity for short-term events. We are proud to have brand collaborators we can count on to perform at various levels all with the common goal of delivering effective communications for
temporary or permanent installations.

Innovative projects like these are the driving force behind development and lead us all to surpass ourselves! Thanks to all the collaborators.

Louis Houbart, Événements-TI