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Schneider's Computing & Websites Ltd

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Digital Telephony systems are huge cost savers!

Digital Telephony systems are huge cost savers! Does your organization require individualized voicemails, individual phone extensions, on-hold music, the ability to transfer calls, the ability to connect remote offices to one phone system, the ability to conference call or setup a call center environment? All of this can be done with a local phone system or PBX system. In today’s technology age, why pay an hourly wage to an attendant that … En lire plus →

Laser vs. Ink

Laser printers used to be expensive. A colour laser printer went for around $500 - $1000, approximately 5 or 6 years ago. Today, they are much more affordable ranging from $200 - $500 for quality laser multi-function printers.What is the difference between laser and ink? Laser technology is a powder, so it never dries out like an ink cartridge does. The toner transfers from the toner cartridge to a drum/film and is applied to the paper, in … En lire plus →

Anti-Virus 101

There are literally dozens of different anti-virus and security programs for PC and Mac. There is also Mobile Security now for tablets, BlackBerry, and Android. It is important to make sure your data is secure, your files are safe against hackers, your system is protected against viruses or malware, and that you have a way to get your data cleaned off your phone if it is stolen (as well as locate the stolen device with a tracking system). Having … En lire plus →

Data Back-up

Computers are designed to make one's life easier by organizing data, saving time, and saving resources. The single most important activity for computer users to perfom is to back-up their data, not only once, but multiple times. It is not good enough to have just one back-up. Co-incidence does happen, and two drives could go at once, or by fluke your external back-up could malfunction shortly after your hard drive does. The worst situation is … En lire plus →


This is my personal bias, but I would always buy a PC. A PC or personal computer uses many of the same components inside a Mac. A lot of the components inside a Mac are interchangeable, or one in the same as PC components. Therefore, when purchasing a Mac, one is spending double on the brand name, and a different software operating system. Macs use mostly laptop size components, so they tend to not last as long in my opinion, due to ventilation, … En lire plus →