Our Mission
IDENTIFY and DEVELOP business opportunities, MAXIMIZE product and service programs. CREATE marketing and advertising materials as well as internal management tools for our affiliated branches and supplier partners, so as to OPTIMIZE their respective profits while MINIMIZING costs for our customers.

Millenium Micro Group was founded in 2003. Today, it boasts more than 250 affiliated stores in Canada. The company now has a purchasing power of over $375 million, sales of over $600 million for its affiliated merchants, and more than 2,000 IT professionals specializing in retail, educational and commercial applications, making it the leading company in its field in Canada.

In 2006, the company created a new "Business Solutions" division focused primarily on the commercial/SME sector, meeting the IT needs of businesses of all sizes.

In 2008, the company expands outside Quebec for the very first time, extending into New Brunswick. In September 2008, Groupe Millenium Micro launches its 3rd banner, "Millenium Micro Campus", primarily focused on the education market (student customers located mainly on college/university campuses).

In 2009, the company expands into Ontario. That same year, Millenium Micro Group added its 100th Canadian affiliate to its ranks.

From 2012 to 2013, Millenium Micro Group expands significantly, adding affiliated branches in Manitoba, Nova Scotia, Saskatchewan, Alberta, and British Columbia. In addition, its 200th affiliated branch in Canada joins the company.

In 2014, Groupe Millenium Micro expands into the Yukon, Newfoundland, the Northwest Territories and Prince Edward Island. The company becomes Canada's first independent IT reseller banner, present in every Canadian province.

In 2016, it began creating a brand-new "national" division focused primarily on the commercial IT service deployment sector. Groupe Millenium Micro thus meets the IT needs of businesses of all sizes and multi-branch banners across the country. In November 2018, Millenium Micro Group officially launches its new facility.

In 2020, the company is building its own facilities and transferring its head office to Saint-Hubert, in order to better meet its ongoing growth and associated needs.

At the end of 2023, the company launches its brand-new transactional website dedicated to both commercial and retail customers.

Today, Millenium Micro Group is quite simply the largest network of independent IT resellers and professionals in Canada! At Millenium Micro Group, WE make IT happen!!