IDENTIFY and DEVELOP business opportunities, MAXIMIZE programs of products and services. CREATE marketing and advertising media as well as internal management tools to our affiliated branches and supplier partners in order to OPTIMIZE their respective profits while MINIMIZING the costs for our customers.

Millenium Micro Group was founded in 2003. Worthily, it has now more than 250 affiliated branches within Canada, over $ 300 million in purchasing power, and more than 2,500 specialized IT professionals in terms of retail, educational and commercial sectors. It is fair to say that Millenium Micro Group and its affiliated branches have become the leader nationwide in the IT field.

In 2006, the company created a new "Business Solutions" division focusing mainly on the commercial/SME sector, meeting the IT needs of businesses of all sizes.

In 2008, the company is well established in Quebec and marks a major step forward by expanding to New Brunswick. Moreover, in September 2008, Millenium Micro Group founded its third banner "Millenium Micro Campus", working first and foremost for the education market (student clientele located essentially on campuses and CEGEP).

In 2009, the business grows some more and set foot in Ontario. In the same year, Millenium Micro Group opens its 100th affiliated branch in Canada.

From 2012 to 2013, Millenium Micro Group expands tremendously by adding affiliated branches in Manitoba, Nova Scotia, Saskatchewan, Alberta and British Columbia. In addition, its 200th affiliated branch in Canada joins the company.

In 2014, Millenium Micro Group extends to the Yukon, Newfoundland, Northwest Territories and Prince Edward Island. The company becomes the first computer banner of independent computer resellers in Canada in each of Canada's provinces.

In 2016, the company begins the creation of a brand new "National" division focused primarily on the commercial IT service deployment sector. Millenium Micro Group responds to the IT needs of businesses of all sizes and to multi-branch banners across the country. In November 2018, it proceeds to its official launch.

Today, Millenium Micro Group is simply and unquestionably the largest network of independent resellers and IT professionals in Canada! At Millenium Micro Group, WE make IT happen!!