Over the years, we have developed a network of suppliers and manufacturing partners who are recognized as industry leaders.

With Group purchasing power of over $200 million, our Members enjoy substantial economies of scale.

Our partners can be divided into three categories:

The Millenium Micro Group has trade agreements with the some of the largest and most recognized IT manufacturers in the world today. Suppliers such as Microsoft, Lenovo, Hewlett-Packard, Samsung, and LG to name just a few, are part of our manufacturer portfolio. These close relationships allow us to constant keep the members abreast of the latest technologies, programs, and training required to keep them best in class solution providers.

We have access to the largest Canadian IT distributors. Through these relationships, the number of products available to Milleniun Micro Members exceeds 1 million. Should the product or solution you require not be readily available at the Members location, it may be accessible by the Member within 24 to 48hrs (exception may apply).

Business Associations:

Freight arrangements, in-store / web based transactional services, consumer based financing, 3rd party extended warranties programs, and technical services are just a few of the additional services the Members take advantage of every single day in an effort to bring better pricing and services to the consumer.

All these agreements will help you enjoy beneficial prices throughout the year.