About Us


IDENTIFY and DEVELOP business opportunities while MAXIMIZING product and service agreements. CREATE marketing and advertising programs as well as internal management tools with our members in an effort to OPTIMIZE their respective profits while MINIMIZING costs to their clients.  


Founded in 2003, the Millenium Micro Group is comprised of highly specialized experts in the information technology field.  Today, our Group has grown to more than 250 members across Canada representing more than $250 million dollars to the IT distribution channel. 

The makeup of our Group includes more than 2000 sales professionals, certified technicians, system integrators, storage specialists, multimedia gurus, and security champions across Canada!

These members fulfil the needs of government agencies, educational institutions, hospitals, and businesses of all sizes by providing not only the best integration service and support there is, but also the largest selection of branded products the market has to offer.

As we close out 2014 we are over 250 members strong and about to launch our first television and internet advertising campaign that will be seen across Canada!

I.T., it’s what we do!

About Us