Tips & tricks: useful Windows 10 keyboard shortcuts

Posted by Robert Picard, Demand ITS 01-04-2020 02:52 PM

Walk away from your computer?
Windows Key + L — You will quickly secure your PC, also beneficial when someone unexpectedly walks into your office and you don’t want them to see your screen.

Do you have a new large monitor? Here’s a few keys to save some time while you multitask:
Windows Key + Left Arrow or Right Arrow — This will snap the current Window into a position on your screen, then you can use the arrow keys to select the window to appear adjacent to it.

Virtual Desktops?
Windows Key + Ctrl + D — This creates a virtual desktop, this is great to group applications and reduce distractions when you have multiple projects on the go.

Maximize the current Window
Windows Key + Up Arrow — This lets you quickly maximize the current window when you need to focus on one application.

Curious about your system specifications?
Windows Key + Pause Break — This will show the basic information of your PC that includes CPU Speed, Memory, Windows Edition and Computer name.

Have a bunch of Windows and can’t find the one your looking for?
Windows logo Key + Tab — This will show each open program on your PC with the current screen it’s on, if like me you have multiple screens this is super handy and a great replacement for alt-tab. It also let’s you see a list of Virtual Desktops.

Need to quickly access settings for your PC?
Windows Logo Key + I — This opens up the Windows 10 equivalent of the control panel, saving valuable clicks.

Robert Picard, Demand ITS.