Labour shortages: what are your solutions?

Posted by Sandrine Vergracht, Soluflex 01-04-2020 03:03 PM

It’s no longer a secret that our country is facing a labour shortage that is confirmed for the next 12 years. We have entered the decade of the talent war where it is becoming increasingly common to see small and medium-sized businesses slow down their growth, restaurants close their doors or retail businesses change their business hours due to a lack of staff. The good news is that there are several options for surviving in this environment and here they are!

1. Work on your retention

Take care of your employees, understand their expectations, involve them in your decisions, adjust to their needs.
You probably have a lot of possible ways to improve the conditions you offer; your management practices, your work environment. To find out where their priorities are, you simply need to ask. One thing is certain, a happy employee is a loyal employee who won’t be tempted to consider other offers or opportunities.

2. Maximize your company’s performance
Integrating a performance culture within your company means reducing your need for manpower. By working on the agility of your systems, but also by maximizing the performance of your employees through a consistent process, you will definitely gain in organizational efficiency. A project that used to require a team of five people may now require only three or four.

3. Use the versatility of your teams’ skills
Gone are the days of rigid job descriptions where each task is conscientiously marked out. It’s time to make way for an organization that optimizes the use of everyone’s skills within projects or roles that then reduce the number of positions needed in your organization chart. Is your employee’s main function technical support? Did you know that he or she may have sales potential? Get to know your employees and target their skills, they will be much more useful to you than you thought. An employee who contributes using there full range of potential is and employee more fulfilled than ever.

4. Reinvent your recruitment
You have no choice but to think outside the box by working on original recruitment approaches that enhance your offer and your employer brand. Be creative in your job titles and descriptions. Know what you have to sell and know how to highlight it. Take care of the candidate’s experience so that you are his or her first choice. It’s time to stand out, welcome to recruitment marketing!

Sandrine Vergracht, Soluflex.