Cybersecurity: what every business owner should know

Posted by Dominic Martine, Commtech 01-04-2020 03:07 PM

The prefix “cyber” is a generic term referring to everything that is connected to the internet. The term cybersecurity defines what is linked to the protection of your business’s users, ideas and data.

What are cybercriminals after? They often want to get money out of you. They are on the lookout for sensitive information, like passwords, bank information, credit card numbers, or, in some cases, for personal data related to you, your employees, your clients or your providers. They also use threats and data theft to ask you for ransom.

How do they do it?
They are smart and get what they want by various means. They look for the weak link of your organization, and use carefully. They send a fraudulent email by emulating a known organization or they create false websites and ask you to log on. They might ask you to answer a survey or simply attach a document to an email.

What should you ask yourself?
What procedure do I have to protect my data, my customers’ information, and my employees’ information? What is sensitive information for my business? Do I have policies, tools, and information to provide to my employees to make my IT environment secure?

How can I prevent problems?
Any organization might be facing threats and implementing measures to protect your business from an intrusion is essential. You can ask for a security audit and get an expert to help you. They will make sure you have the best tools to protect your assets and will review your practices for risk reduction. You must also inform your staff and train them to react properly to a threat. Contact your local Millenium Micro Affilate for more information.

Dominic Martine, Commtech.