Get peace of mind with Managed Services

Posted by Pascale Brassard, Commtech 01-04-2020 03:13 PM

Your business’s performance is undoubtedly one of your priorities. How can you optimize your IT expenses while making sure your computing environment is managed effectively? The solution might be using managed IT services. This solution has many advantages, and we will explore them in this article.

Let us start by defining managed services. Managed services are offered by an external business who becomes your subcontractor for everything IT. They will offer advice and services like user support, software updates, monitoring of your computing equipment, managing incidents and infrastructure, etc. Your provider becomes your outside reference for everything IT. Managed services give you access to a complete multidisciplinary team for a fixed monthly fee.

Why get that service?
Simply put, for saving money and for efficiency, managed services is an interesting solution for most businesses. A fixed monthly fee allows you to budget your IT expenses and prevents unwanted interruptions.

Continuous software updates and constant monitoring of your IT environment guards you against viruses and external threats. Depending on the number of employees, IT problems can create losses that can reach several hundreds, but most likely, several thousands of dollars.

Managed services give you peace of mind by providing monitoring tools to identify problems before they happen. In addition, data redundancy allows you to restore your work environment quickly should an incident occur. It is hard to quantify the value of diminished stress. Nevertheless, peace of mind regarding the proper functioning of your IT environment is key for you to carry on your other business responsibilities.

Get good advice
Our mission is to give you advice about technology development. We want to help you streamline the management of your IT so you can concentrate your efforts where it counts –
on your business.

Sound management of your IT resources becomes a lever for your business to thrive. Do not hesitate to contact your local Millenium Micro Affiliate to discuss your short and mid-term projects.

Pascale Brassard, Commtech.