The value of protecting your Microsoft 365 domain

Posted by Mathieu Fluet, E3K 23-09-2020 02:45 PM

The cloud is getting more and more traction. Microsoft is no exception. Several businesses are opting for Microsoft 365 as their cloud. This solution provides email services, file servers, collaboration tools, videoconferencing and so much more.

Of course, having access to confidential emails and files from all over the world through the cloud carries some risks. Microsoft 365 provides a complete toolbox to protect your business cloud, but the tools must be configured and implemented according to your needs. Since hackers preferred mode of access to your data is through email using phishing techniques, it becomes essential that you put in all the necessary efforts to protect your Microsoft 365 domain. Here are some of the most recommended steps you can take:

Back up your data. By default, there is no back-up set up for emails and files with SharePoint, Teams, and OneDrive. It is thus important to ensure you have access to a back-up of your data in case of a major incident.

Force multi-factor authentication. Multi-factor authentication is a good way to secure access to your cloud account. This is the access that needs the strongest protection because it is directly linked to your emails and files.

Remove obsolete protocols. Microsoft 365 cloud suite allows users to log in with various methods, but many of them are not secure anymore and can allow hackers to get to your data without even having to guess your password.

Use data breach prevention strategies. This feature will protect your critical data, Microsoft is already offering several types of strategies (rules) that you can apply and that will let you know when critical or confidential information has been leaked out of your organization.

Implement a solution to fight spam, identity theft, and malware that would hide in emails or links. It is essential to have additional security measures for email to ensure your business is protected against viruses.

In conclusion, there is value in knowing how to protect your data and your users. We encourage you to keep your 365 environment controlled and under surveillance. Get information about which subscription plan is best for you and learn how to implement the right solution.