How risky is a cyber attack for a small business?

Posted by Stéphane Trépanier, Hector Solutions d’Affaires 22-09-2021 11:07 AM

Many small businesses believe their risks are reduced for a cyber attack because they are smaller or don’t have data attractive to hackers. 

Unfortunately, this belief is false. Any business, large or small, with or without attractive data, will eventually fall victim to a cyber attack.

To understand this, you first need to know that the majority of hackers are not looking for sensitive data or a particular type of business. Instead, they proceed by randomly scanning and trying to exploit security holes.

Once they have found a vulnerability, they use or attack the company’s IT environment to get the best out of it for their cybercrimes. Some will opt to use your personal information, others will use your resources to hide their misdeeds or their traceability on the Internet.

Despite countless possible misdeeds, the majority of hackers will opt for data encryption. This fraud, called ransomware, consists of encrypting the data of the attacked company so that it can no longer consult or use it.

To regain access to its data, the attacked company will have to pay a ransom to the criminals. Once the ransom is paid, but without any guarantee, the company can hope to regain access to its data.

Data encryption is very lucrative. The Canadian Centre for Cyber Security reports that many Canadian companies pay ransom to criminals.

Without tools or services that would allow them to recover or avoid such a situation, companies have no choice but to pay the ransom. They choose the option that will allow them to continue their business, knowing full well that this action will encourage the criminals to continue their activities.

It is therefore important for small businesses to know that they are not immune to cyber attacks and that they need to put in place the necessary measures to protect themselves. There are tools and services designed for small businesses so that they too can enjoy a secure computing environment. Ask a member of the Millenium Micro Group for more information.

Stéphane Trépanier, Hector Solutions d’Affaires.