1. Office 365

Get access to the Office suite you know and benefit from tools designed to boost team collaboration and productivity.

Millenium Micro can provide your business with Office 365 solutions and support.

Office 365 with Millenium Micro

Work with our team of experts on which Office 365 makes the most sense for your business. Your new tools will be deployed efficiently and with the highest levels of security available.


Office 365 is a powerful tool that is constantly evolving. To maximize your employees’ use of the suite, you have to make sure they know Office 365 inside and out. We offer an online training solution that allows your employees to self learn at their own pace. You’ll be able to track their progress and mandate additional courses that will continue to build on their skills base.

Office 365 is a cloud based solution making it accessible from anywhere you can access an internet connection. This makes it very handy for you, your staff, and also the hackers that may eventually make your business their target. Office 365 is safe, but activity must be monitored to avoid potential problems and threats. Millenium Micro offers a monitoring solution for your Office 365 productivity suite.

Many software-as-a-service users find out the hard way that a cloud-based application and a backup do not involve the same processes. User error, overwriting data, deleting essential files, these are some of the key reasons a user / company would require the restoration of a backed-up file.

Millenium Micro offers granular protection for your Microsoft Office 365 business data. Once configured, backups run automatically. In a few seconds, you can retrieve the version of the file or folder you need, in its original format, using a user-friendly web interface. No need to worry about storage space, software updates, or about a potential backup server failure.

The regular Office 365 solution features a basic spam protection component that offers limited protection against phishing and spear phishing. We provide an advanced spam protection that will reduce the volume of spam you receive, as well as decrease the risk of a phishing or spear phishing attack.

An email signature is an essential part of a business’ corporate identity. We offer solutions to standardize your employees’ signature easily across your whole business. With such an effortless system, you can take the opportunity to use your signature to convey important messages (promotions, events, etc.).

2. Digital Display

The dynamic digital display feature is a marketing and communication tool enabling you to broadcast multimedia content on a computer monitor, an interactive terminal or kiosk, a tablet, a video wall, and a LED panel.

Millenium Micro can help to deliver on your vision.


3. Printing Supplies Automatic Replenishment Program

Everybody needs to be able to print, but nobody has time to order printing supplies. In a context of labour shortage, your time is precious, and you can be much more productive for your business if you do not have to worry about ordering printing supplies.

Millenium Micro offers, at no cost, the monitoring of all the printing devices on your network and makes sure you never run out of toner. If your device needs maintenance, we can automatically send a technician on-site.

Millenium Micro can help you manage your print environment.

To do so, we install a software agent allowing us to monitor your printing devices, and when the toner level is low, the software automatically sends an alert. We are also able to provide detailed reports on your printing output to help you maximize your resources and increase your return on investment.

This program also streamlines your administration costs directly related to your print environment. Almost every step of the buying process is eliminated, and the prices are set for the duration of the agreement (subject to change if the manufacturer raises their pricing). We can also reduce the number of invoices your accounting department has to process by consolidating the data and sending out a single invoice.

4. VoIP

With a VoIP solution, you can boost team productivity. Whether you are a freelancer, small business owner, call centre manager, or company exec, we have an affordable solution to fit your environment.

5. Electronic Document Management

To remain competitive and efficient, businesses must develop an effective strategy around communication. A solid directive around electronic document management supports effective communication internally, externally, with your clients, and business partners. Millenium Micro has an electronic document management solution to fit the simple home based SMB right up to and including the largest Canadian corporations.

6. Security

Security is at the top of our priority list when talking to clients. For this reason, Millenium Micro works with all the leading security vendors and offers a wide range of solutions for every customer environment. Being well protected is no small task these days, trust the experts.

Here are a few of the services we offer:

  • Infrastructure monitoring;
  • Backup management and recovery tests;
  • 24/7 monitoring and intervention in the event of an attack;
  • Software and firmware updates for all your IT assets;
  • Dark web monitoring for any of your accounts that have been compromised;
  • Security equipment procurement, like advanced firewalls;
  • Multiple-factor authentication solutions (MFA);
  • Management of next generation antiviruses;
  • Training and awareness for users.

7. Managed Services

Remote monitoring and management of your environment allows us to proactively manage your IT infrastructure.